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Gulf Air Charter

Gulf Air, L.L.C. is based in Yakutat, Alaska with offices in Anchorage, Alaska and “off bases” located in various locations throughout North America.  Gulf Air, L.L.C. provides aircraft to service passenger, medical or cargo customers, on-demand or by contract.  We can offer our aircraft and pilots available anywhere, 24/7, from Alaska to Florida to include Mexico (Caribbean, Central/South America pending).  For more information on our services and locations, please email us @

Support Service

Charters, research/survey work, logging, mining, government and more.

Gulf Air is approved with A024 Air Ambulance Operations-Airplane Op Specs.  Approved for service in United States including Alaska, Canada, Mexico (Caribbean pending).  Available as a Air Ambulance Medevac vendor to Hospitals or for other EMS services.  Have contract that allows us to provide nationally registered Air Medical support team.  For more information, email @


Piper Chieftain, Excellent, rugged, fast and efficient, IFR twin engine charter aircraft.  This proven safe and popular aircraft has one of the most comfortable cabins in its class.  Perfect for short-haul trips with seating up to 8 passengers or can be configured for all types of cargo.  Chieftain is also Medevac capable with full Spectrum medical bed, able to accommodate a patient, 2 medics and seating for family member and/or escort.

King Air 200C, Safe, reliable, long range, all weather capable, pressurized, twin engine turbo-prop aircraft.  Full IFR with plenty of heating or air conditioning to keep up to 9 passengers comfortable in any environment.  Perfect for long or short-haul trips or can be configured for all types of cargo.  Medevac capable with LifePort Plus medical bed and able to accommodate a patient, 2 medics with seating for family member and/or escort.  Rare factory cargo door allows ease of access and ability to service bariatric patients.


All flights take safety into consideration first and foremost.  Weather and other safety issues may arise and disrupt schedule.  Gulf Air is not liable or responsible for issues, which may arise due to safety considerations, weather delays, salmon closures, Sasquatch encounters, acts of god, bears, etc.


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